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Rope Hoist

Hitachi Hoists features a lot of mechanisms for safety and easy Maintenance. User-friendliness and reliability are further Improved.



  • The brake is equipped with an automatic adjusting device to apply brake torque in proportion to the amount of lining abrasion.
  • Dual system of the main brake and the auxiliary brake is adopted.
  • Hoisting motor is provided with a thermal protector which senses the heat of the motor coil and functions to protect the motor from burning damages caused by over work.
  • Effective maintenance is possible.
  • The counter for memorizing starting times makes easy to check lifetime of consumable parts.
  • Inspection Window for Gears makes possible to check conditions of the gear and lubricant.
  • Inspection of the Rope End is easy. Assembly and disassembly are easy.
  • Maintenance and serviceability are improved.